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Andy Pag
Around the World on Rubbish

Is it possible to drive around the world using rubbish? Apparently it is.

I bought this old school bus from a scrap yard and with the help of friends, got it running, refurbished the inside into an eco-home using reclaimed materials, and converted the engine to run on used cooking oil, to see if we could drive around the world using things that others have thrown away.

In September 2009 I set off from London, England, heading east and about two years later I made it back to the UK. All our fuel had been made from sources of other peoples’ waste.

It’s not the first Eco-experiment I’ve tried. In 2007 I drove a “chocolate powered lorry” to Timbuktu using biodiesel made from factory waste cocoa butter, and a year later I organised the Grease to Greece Rally across Europe for cars converted to run on restaurants’ waste fryer oil.

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